180 matrix booth

180 Freeze Frame Bullet time Matrix Booth

Our 180 Matrix Booth, also known as time-freeze booth or bullet-time booth, is inspired by the movie – The Matrix.  We had replicated the iconic freeze-motion or bullet time effect employed in the scenes where Keanu Reeves dodged bullets in style!

To create the Matrix effect in videos, we fabricated a 180 degree curved structure with multiple cameras that will simultaneously snap a photo of you from different angles. Our software will then stitch the images together to create a seamless, 3D video. All 180 Matrix videos can be sent to your guests via Whatsapp and Email. 

Whatsapp Sharing


The Matrix effect is most interesting when users throw confetti/props or jump when their photos are taken. The final outcome will show a 180 angled view of them, ‘frozen’ in midair!

You may choose from a compact setup of 6 cameras or an extended setup of 12 cameras for a wider angled view. This will depend on the space available at the venue. 

We also have a wide range of backdrops to choose from as part of the package. Depending on the design you like, you may choose from a long seamless backdrop, a curved one or two backdrops placed side by side at an angle. You may also opt for 3D props such as inflattable balloons, money gun, confetti and bubble guns to create a greater WOW effect. 

Our 180 Matrix Booth has been a popular feature in many corporate events as well as weddings. Chat with us today to find out the backdrops and props that we offer.

Check out our quick video demo!

Here is our 180 Matrix Booth at the launch of the Puma X Arsenal third kit in Singapore!

What's Included In Our Package

Unlimited Matrix Videos

Get wild and take as many matrix videos you want!​

Instant Sharing Via Whatsapp And Email

Send your matrix videos taken at our booth instantly to yourself via Whatsapp or Email

Choice Of Backdrop

You may choose from our list of backdrops specially suited for the 180 Matrix video booth.

Online Video Gallery

We will provide you with a link to our online video gallery where you can view and download Matrix videos at your convenience.

Customisable Overlay On Videos

You can customise the overlay, also known as, border or frame of the videos with your event specs or company brand.

A Selection Of Unique And Fun Props

We have a special selection of regular 3D props for our 180 Matrix video booth.

Professional Studio Lighting

Rest assured that we will provide studio lighting to make sure that your beautiful faces will be captured clearly on videos.

Friendly Staff

We will have at least 2 Printaparty staff to assist your guests when taking videos at our booth