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Our Story

Printaparty was founded in 2013, by two friends fresh out of university with a head full dreams and a hunger to start something of their own. After testing a few business ideas and participating in various hackathons, Printaparty was born with a single service – Live Instagram Printing! From this humble beginning, our business has expanded to offer various novel and innovative photo booth experiences. Our logo, reminiscent of Instagram’s old symbol, reflects our journey and growth. If you had seen our old Instagram Printer before (pictured right), thank you for sticking with us throughout the years! Since then, we have soldiered on through ups and downs, Covid lockdowns and still going strong 10 years on!

Why choose us?

With over 10 years of industry expertise and over 20 years in programming and photography, we maintain high standards of professionalism and service quality. Our strong portfolio of satisfied clients attests to our commitment to success.  

We take pride in developing our own software and manufacturing most of our photo booths, providing flexibility for tailored solutions aligned with your marketing strategies and event needs. 

We are constantly pushing boundaries and innovating the latest products to be introduced into the market. To date, we have been the first innovators of these services: Live Instagram PrintingMagic MirrorSelfie RoamerWhatsapp Instant PrintAR BoothAR Filter Game Booth and AI PhotoboothChoose Printaparty for an unmatched blend of innovation, experience, and personalized service!

Benefits of Whatsapp Sharing

Printaparty stands out as the only company in Singapore enabling users to share photos and videos via WhatsApp. We have received countless of positive feedback from clients and event guests and here are the reasons why:

  1. This unique feature allows for brand promotion and inclusion of marketing information in the accompanying message. 
  2. It is also perfect for private events and weddings, as it offers a personal touch as couples can express gratitude to their guests along with their photos.
  3. Our Whatsapp sharing is an automated system that is able to send out photos within seconds. Therefore, it is super efficient!
  4. Photos are also sent out uncompressed hence, there is no reduction on photo quality.
  5. We prioritize user privacy by incorporating a PDPA notice on our sharing kiosks. Rest assured, all data is automatically deleted after each event for complete confidentiality.
Whatsapp Sharing

Experience The Future With Printaparty - Asia's Pioneer in AI Photobooths!

Printaparty AI Time Machine Photobooth

AI Time Machine

Step into our AI Time Machine and generate photos of your childhood or see how you age gracefully in your golden years!

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Printaparty AI Beauty Photobooth

AI Beauty

AI Beauty Photobooth can beautify youur photos with makeup or a change in hairstyle!

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Printaparty AI Cartoon Photobooth

AI Cartoon Photobooth

Ai Cartoon Photobooth transforms photos into cartoons of various styles such as Manga, Anime, Avatar, Game and more! Create a virtual background to be transported to!

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AI Yearbook by Printaparty

AI Yearbook Photo Booth

AI Yearbook Photobooth is where modern meets ’90s nostalgia. Watch your photo undergo a transformation into an iconic ’90s yearbook shot.

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Printaparty AI Photobooth

AI Photobooth

Utilizing our in-house developed AI photobooth technology, you can create a variety of personas as a celebrity, fashion icon or even a historical figure!

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Our Photobooth Services

Printaparty AI photobooth at Virtually Versailles

AI Photobooth

Utilizing our in-house developed AI photobooth technology, you can create a variety of personas as a celebrity, fashion icon or even a historical figure!

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Roaming Selfie photobooth

Selfie Roamer

Roaming photobooth for a fuss-free and convenient experience. Best for roadshows, MICE, festivals and even wedding dinners.

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Our Videobooth Services

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