Printaparty AI Costume Photobooth

AI Costume Changing Photobooth

Our AI Costume photobooth is an interactive and entertaining experience that uses artificial intelligence to change your outfits within seconds! Users step into a designated area equipped with a camera and a screen. They are presented with a range of virtual costumes displayed on the screen, which they can choose from using a user-friendly interface. These costumes can range from historical outfits to futuristic attire, and the selection may be tailored to suit different themes or preferences.

Once a costume is selected, the AI algorithm within the photobooth uses facial recognition and body tracking to superimpose the chosen costume onto the user’s image in real-time. This creates a seamless and immersive virtual try-on experience, allowing users to see themselves wearing the costume as if it were real. After finalizing their look, users can print these photos and share them with friends and family via Whatsapp, making the AI Costume Changing photobooth a memorable and engaging addition to events, parties, and entertainment venues.

Take a look at our first ever AI event launched in June 2023 in Macau here. Guests were able to transform their looks into famous paintings.


Printaparty AI photobooth