Printaparty AI Photobooth

AI Photobooth - The First and Only in Asia!

Printaparty is proud to be the first and only company to introduce AI photobooth in Singapore and Asia!

Our AI-powered photobooth is the perfect addition to any event. Utilising the latest in deepface and faceswap technology, our AI photobooth can swap faces between a portrait, celebrity or cartoon with individual picture, creating hilariously unforgettable photos!

Users step into the AI photobooth and follow prompts to choose a character or celebrity they’d like to be morphed into. The result photos will be generated within seconds! Photos will then be printed out automatically for users to bring home. They can also share these photos immediately via Whatsapp or Email. 

AI photobooth experience is an entertaining way for users to see themselves in a new light and share amusing images with their friends and family. This feature can be particularly popular at events where attendees are looking for a lighthearted and memorable experience.

Engage our AI photobooth and come up with creative ideas for your next corporate event. We can suit to your themed events such as Hollywood Glam, Sports Stars, Career Heroes, Movie theme and many more!

Our AI photobooth was first launched abroad in 2023 during the Virtually Versailles exhibition in Macau. Read more about the event and our special project here!

Printaparty AI Photobooth
Check out our video demo below!