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3D moving lenticular photo printing

Our Animated Prints Photo Booth essentially combines our GIF Booth service or Boomerang Booth service with lenticular printing.

Lenticular printing is a technology that prints images with the illusion of depth, or the ability to move and change as the image is being viewed from different angles. This means that you can now print animated copies of your GIFs and Boomerangs instead of the typical static photo prints! Create wonderful souvenirs and door gift for your guests!

Animated Prints Photobooth may also be referred to as 3D Prints Photo Booth or Holographic Prints Photo Booth. They are essentially referring to the same thing, that is, lenticular prints. You may also choose to stick a magnet to the back of the animated print card and use it as a fridge magnet.

It takes less than a minute!

After users have taken their GIFs or Boomerangs at our booth, the images will then be sent to our Animated Printing station. Our staff will be there to print out the images and assemble 2 – 3 shots together with lenticular lenses. It is a meticulous and manual process but it takes less than a minute for the animated print to be produced. 

We have also successfully implemented a queue management system that will help to make the traffic flow as smooth and efficient as possible. This makes it a quick and fuss-free process for everyone!

Check out our quick video demo!

Our Animated Prints Booth was a hit at FILA retail stores as they launched their latest collection of clothing line. Magnets were installed at the back of the photo prints. Check out this video for a quick demo!

What's Included In Our Package

Unlimited Photo Prints

Guests are able to print multiple copies of the same photo so everyone gets to bring home a copy.

High Speed Printing

Our printers will be able to print photos at the speed of 8 second per print, which makes the entire process truly efficient!

Choice Of Backdrop

Select from our list of beautiful backdrops - from solid colours to printed ones - to suit your event theme.

Online Photo Gallery

We will provide you with a link to our online photo gallery where you can view and download soft copy of photos at your convenience.

Customisable Overlay On Photos

You can customise the overlay, also known as, border or frame of the photos with your event specs or company brand.

A Selection Of Unique And Fun Props

We custom design our props to suit every wedding and event theme. Have fun posing with them!

Professional Studio Lighting

Rest assured that we will provide studio lighting to make sure that your beautiful faces will be captured clearly on photos.

Friendly Staff

We will have at least 2 Printaparty staff to assist your guests when taking photos at our photobooth