AI Yearbook by Printaparty

AI Yearbook Photobooth

Step into a captivating blend of modern technology and 90s nostalgia with the AI Yearbook Photobooth. Take photos at our photobooth and recreate the iconic style of 90s high school graduation photos found in yearbooks. Print them out and even share these photos instantly to your Email or Whatsapp

Whatsapp Sharing

Towards the end of 2023, you may recall that high school yearbook shots were trending on your social media feeds. Many world-renowned celebrities and influencers had jumped in the bandwagon to share their high school yearbook photos. Chances are, those nostalgic posts were not genuine throwback photos; but rather, generated using AI technology.

An AI app that originated from Korea had caused this explosive trend. However, users had to pay double digit figures to purchase a few processed AI Yearbook photos of themselves and that took at least 24 hours to process. The app was wildly engaging and fun, so despite the hassle, it gained massive popularity.

At the same time this went viral, our R&D team immediately worked on programming our very own AI photobooth technology so as to provide this exact service to the masses at events.

We successfully launched our AI tech at a large-scale arts exhibition in Macau. Now you are able to provide the same fun and engaging service the next time you have a Back To School themed corporate event, retro 90s party or even a school reunion.

Let’s take the photobooth experience to the next level!


AI Yearbook by Printaparty