Printaparty AI Cartoon Photobooth

AI Cartoon Photobooth

Our AI Cartoon Photobooth is an innovative application that uses AI to transform users’ photos into whimsical cartoon representations. You can select from a variety of styles such as Anime, Manga, Disney, Avatar and Game.

Upon entering the photobooth, users are greeted with a user-friendly interface where they can capture a photo of themselves using a built-in camera. Once the photo is taken, sophisticated AI algorithms analyze the image and apply various artistic techniques to generate a cartoon version of the user in real-time.

The AI utilizes deep learning techniques to detect facial features, expressions, and other visual cues, which are then translated into cartoon-like characteristics such as exaggerated features, vibrant colors, and stylized textures. The end result is a fun and personalized cartoon representation of the user, which they can share directly to their Whatsapp and then on social media. We can print these photos with your branding and event theme.

We can also create a virtual world as part of the background so you can see your actual photo and your AI generated cartoon image being transported into the virtual world. We call this the “Narnia Effect“. Unleash your creativity and let us know your ideas that you have for your next themed event.

Our AI Cartoon photobooth is also able to take photos in groups instead of one by one so this is suitable for bigger sized events.

AI Cartoon photobooth