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Printaparty's Magic MirrorPrintaparty's Magic MirrorPrintaparty's Magic MirrorPrintaparty's Magic MirrorPrintaparty's Magic Mirror

Pioneering The Magic Mirror Photo Booth

We are proud to be the first company to introduce it into the Singapore market at the start of 2016! Four years on, we are still the leading magic mirror photo booth company with an extensive portfolio to boot.

As our Magic Mirror becomes more well-known, competitors caught whiff of its popularity. However, we are always a step ahead and are constantly developing new installations into our Magic Mirror.

The magic in our mirror lies in the user engagement technology that we have programmed into the system. Our mirror is able to respond to your touch, hand gestures and even speak to you. Such high level of engagement is perfect for entertaining your guests at any event!


Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall. Who Is The Fairest Of Them All?

We are definitely the fairest of them all! Standing at 1.8 metres tall, our Magic Mirror stands out from her competitors as she captures your smile. Our Magic Mirror is designed with your comfort in mind so you do not need to bend your body or crouch to take a photo. This is unlike other versions of Magic Mirrors out there in the market which has a slanted wedge design and is situated on the floor – much like the mirrors you see in a shoe store. 



Here’s a quick video demonstration

Our Magic Mirror was recently featured in and is an absolute hit with wedding couples! We have also created magic at a celebrity’s wedding, Nadiah M. Din, during the first year of our launch. One of our interactive features allow guests to sign their names and well-wishes before the photos are printed out. An absolute bonus! Check out the video below to see the highlights!



How it works in 4 easy steps!

Step 1: Touch the screen to begin the photo-taking session

Step 2: Pick a prop and strike your best pose. Don’t forget to smile!

Step 3: Collect your photo at the printing station

Step 4: Send a soft copy of your photo via Email or WhatsApp using our Social Kiosks.

In less than a minute, you will receive the photo and are ready to share it on your Facebook or Instagram!


Fully Customisable To Your Needs

Our clients love how our Magic Mirror can be fully customised to their brand. We can customise the animations and messages that you see on the mirror before each photo-taking session. As shown in the photo above, the mirror enclosure can be customised with vinyl stickers. There is plenty of space for you to place your ads at the bottom, sides and back of the mirror. What better way to capture the attention of your customers!

Apart from props, our backdrops can be custom made to your liking, whether it is 2D printed, 3D or paper flower walls. You also have the option to activate the mirror with hand gestures or words, for example, waving, clapping or even shouting! So let your imagination run wild!


Our Clients Wanted More!

Some of the clients we worked with wanted us to integrate our Mirror into their pop-up installations at retail stores and roadshows. You can find out more here.


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