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Snap, Tag & Print!

Yes, it is as easy as it sounds! Our system captures images posted on Instagram with your hashtag and prints them automatically. Delight your guests with personalised momentos of your event!


Capture Data, Not Just Photos!

Another differentiating feature of our Live Instagram Printing service is that we offer our corporate clients the option to measure the effectiveness of their marketing reach. A full data analytic report can be generated to provide our clients with insight into the number of likes, comments and Instagram followers that their company gains from that event.


Wedding Vows and Birthday Wishes

Our Live Instagram Printing service is equally sought after for wedding events and private parties such as birthdays. We can’t deny how popular Instagram is especially when capturing significant moments in a person’s life. Our Live Instagram Printing service is a perfect fit because it does not require that much space and more importantly, guests can take photos virtually anywhere. They are not confined to one spot and are able to capture many behind-the-scenes moments such as the vows and preparations. Best of all, these images are printed instantly and can be kept as part of a photo album or pasted in your guest book.


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