Market It With A Boomerang

Make it fun. Make it exciting. Make it eye-catching.

We believe in keeping up with the trends in social media. One of the popular trends that has hit Instagram in recent years is the boomerang.

A boomerang takes a burst of photos and stitches them together into a video that loops backwards and forwards. This makes everyday moments exciting.

Our team at Printaparty has developed a Boomerang Booth that takes boomerang videos of your guests at the event.

The difference is, we can customise a design overlay on your videos. This is one fun and unexpected way to market your events and brand on Instagram.

You can also print out your Boomerangs in an Animated Print (also known as Lenticular Print)! 



Here’s a quick video demonstration

Take a look at our video demo below to understand how our Boomerang Booth works!

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