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Rent our professional photo booth for your next event

A photo booth is a must-have feature at any wedding or corporate event. This helps to keep your guests occupied and entertained. You may find many companies offering photo booths in Singapore and some at very low prices. However, these companies do not present you with a professional setup and high quality service like we do.


We care about making you look good. As such, our equipment is professionally concealed in custom designed enclosures. We make sure that our setup is clean and tidy. Our team will conduct safety checks to ensure that there are no loose cables lying around or other potential hazards. Rest assured that there will be no open laptops or DSLRs on tripod stands for your guests to look at. We will provide you with the best quality of props and not laminated ones printed from home. 


Our photo booth is suitable for many corporate events like Dinner & Dance, roadshows, runs and private parties like birthdays, weddings and solemnisations. It has also been a part of retail and F&B stores for extended periods of time.




Here’s a quick video demonstration

If you are not keen in reading, below is a video demonstration of how our Photo Booth and Social Kiosks work. We have collaborated with NARS at a product launch and our client was very satisfied with the service rendered. Users were also able to share the photos taken on Facebook.


Our photo booth has gone social!

Social media has taken our lives completely and one simply can’t leave your gorgeous party without posting a photo on their socials. We make it easy breezy with our Social Media Sharing Kiosks (a.k.a Social Kiosks). Users have the option to Email or Whatsapp themselves a soft copy of the photos taken at our photo booths. We are the FIRST and ONLY photo booth company in Singapore that offers instant WhatsApp sharing!


How it works in 4 easy steps!

Step 1: Touch the screen to begin the photo-taking session

Step 2: Pick a prop and strike your best pose. Don’t forget to smile!

Step 3: Collect your photo at the printing station

Step 4: Send a soft copy of your photo via Email or WhatsApp using our Social Kiosks.

In less than a minute, you will receive the photo and are ready to share it on your Facebook or Instagram!


Who says size does not matter?

Size does matter when you’re talking about photo prints. We give you various options of photo paper sizes to choose from – 3R, 4R, Polaroid sized, Credit card sized or film strips. We also have special perforated photo paper that allows you to use them as vouchers or coupons. Use it as part of your marketing campaign. Talk to us on how you can best achieve this.


A beautiful live feed display on-site

A live feed of the photos taken at our photo booth can be displayed at your event. Our system can be connected to the on-site monitor or projection screen. Guests will be further entertained and it keeps up with the mood of the party.


We can make it roam!

One of our latest developments is the Selfie Roamer! Officially launched at the beginning of 2020, our photo booth is now mobile and able to roam freely at your event while capturing hearts and smiles! Also known as the roaming photo booth, guests no longer need to come to us but we will come to you! This is a perfect solution for large events with a large crowd. You can find more information on the Selfie Roamer here.


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