Animate your photo prints!

Our Animated Prints Photo Booth essentially combines our GIF Booth service or Boomerang Booth service with lenticular printing.

Lenticular printing is a technology that prints images with the illusion of depth, or the ability to move and change as the image is being viewed from different angles.

This means that you can now print animated copies of your GIFs and Boomerangs instead of the typical static photo prints! Create wonderful souvenirs and door gift for your guests!


It takes less than a minute!

After users have taken their GIFs or Boomerangs at our booth, the images will then be sent to our Animated Printing station.

Our staff will be there to print out the images and assemble 3 shots together with lenticular lenses. It is a meticulous and manual process but it takes less than a minute for the animated print to be produced.

We have also successfully implemented a queue management system that will help to make the traffic flow as smooth and efficient as possible. This makes it a quick and fuss-free process for everyone!

Let's work together!