Say Freeze!

Our 180 Matrix booth is inspired by the movie, The Matrix.  We had replicated the iconic freeze-motion or bullet time effect employed in the scenes where Keanu Reeves dodged bullets in style!

To create the Matrix effect in videos, we fabricated a 180 degree curved structure with multiple cameras that will simultaneously snap a photo of you from different angles. Our software will then stitch the images together to create a seamless, 3-dimensional video. The matrix effect is most interesting when users throw confetti/props or jump when their photos are taken. The final outcome will show a 180 angled view of them, ‘frozen’ in midair!





Here’s a quick video demonstration

Our 180 Matrix Booth has been a popular feature in many corporate events and weddings too. Check out the video below of our 180 Matrix at the launch of the Puma X Arsenal third kit in Singapore!

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