Photo booth

Photobooths Go Social

Get connected! Our photo booths now offers you the option of sharing your photos on social media. Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp or Email? We’ve got you covered.


Quality And Professionalism

No flimsy tripod stands that can be knocked over. No loose and messy cables waiting for someone to trip on. No open laptops for you to look at as you strike a pose. No laminated paper props that are bent and dog-eared. Although you can find many companies offering photo booths in Singapore, and some at very low prices, not all of them present you with a professional setup and high quality service like we do.


Go Viral On Facebook

With our Social Media Sharing Kiosks, users will have the option to share their photos on Facebook and Twitter. They can also opt to email or Whatsapp themselves a soft copy of the photos taken. Companies love this feature as they will be able to expand their brand awareness and create a buzz online. Want to know more? Talk to us today at!

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