Green Screen Video Booth with Audio-Visuals

Our team was hired as the official photo booth for Omega’s 50th Anniversary celebration.

The client wanted to print photos of their guests as astronauts, simulating the historical event of  Neil Armstrong’s landing on the moon.

To do so, we used our Green Screen technology to incorporate a video of the moon in the universe with twinkling and shooting stars at the background.

Next, we also input a sound clip into the video and wrote a program to make the entire process seamless and automatic.

The guests simply had to pose in front of the green screen and then send the resultant video to their emails or Whatsapp.

The process was smooth and effortless, and the result was gratifying!

If you have a similar idea for your next event, do drop us a message and we will be happy to work on it with you! Enquire now!

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