AI photo booth

AI Faceswap Photobooth

Printaparty’s AI Faceswap Photobooth was part of the Virtually Versailles 2023 Exhibition held in Macau. It is an immersive exhibition and a captivating fusion of historical grandeur and cutting-edge technology. Through an innovative blend of virtual reality and augmented reality, visitors can experience the Palace and its grounds as well as some of Versailles’ most iconic spaces: the Hall of Mirrors, the Royal Opera, the Battles’ Gallery, and the Mercury and Venus Rooms. 

Our AI Faceswap Photobooth allows visitors to select from 4 different Royals, namely, Andre de Notre, Madame du Barry, Phillippe de France and Marie-Antoinette – and create a royal painting of themselves. With our faceswap and deepface technology, the AI photobooth instantly swapped their faces with the royals, to create exquisite works of art!  These “paintings” are then printed out within seconds for the visitors to bring home as a momento of their visit. You can read more about the exhibition here.

Explore a custom interactive AI photo booth like this with us for your next event and be sure to impress your guests!


AI Photobooth